My Day In Pictures

Here is an impression of my day in pictures! Since i just made this blog, i thought i’d make a test post to see how it will look with images on this lay out. Today wasn’t the most exciting day because i’ve been studying for my final exams, but i still tried to make the best of it!

This morning i started my day with taking a little walk through the middle of nowhere. I recently read somewhere that if you walk 20 minutes before you start to study, your concentration will improve. So i’ve been taking a lot of walks over the past few weeks, and as boring as it seems, i feel like it really helped me with my studying.


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After that, it was time to take my books and get to it. i’m pretty sure that no one really likes studying and neither do i, but the thought of all the exciting things i plan on doing this summer kept me going. i made a post about that here.

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i tend to take a lot of breaks while i study, and i think that the best thing to do is to drink lots of water and tea, take healthy snacks like fruits, indulge a little and eat some chocolate, tidy my room and to read some in a magazine or a book!


A book that i am rereading at the moment is Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr. This book is full of wonderful affirmations that i love to read before i go to sleep or to give me some extra motivation before i start studying. i really believe that these ‘power thoughts’ can affect your mood and change the way you’re thinking in a positive way.


As i mentioned before, this is an example post but i hope you enjoyed reading it anyway!