Things I Want To Do This Summer


The weather has been so nice this week and it has made me really excited for the summer! i thought i’d make a list of things i want to do over the next few months.

Going for a run 3 times a week. To be honest, i’m not really a sporty person but i’m about to turn things around! Recently i’ve been feeling motivated to work out more – not necessarily to lose weight but just because i want to live healthier and take care of myself.

Wear dresses everyday. i’d say i’m quite girly – my favourite colour is pink and i love anything that has to do with fashion, beauty and shopping. And i also love my dresses! i wish i could wear them every day, but i don’t always feel comfortable doing so when i have to go to school. If everything turns out alright, i’ll pass my final exams and i’ll be done with school in 2 weeks! i think that to celebrate that my exams are over, i’ll treat myself by buying some more skirts or dresses.

Have flowers on my balcony. i love flowers and i feel like having a lot of flowers around you can really light up your mood! Last year i had a lot of flowers on my balcony as well, but i forgot to water them (oops!). So this time i’ll try to take care of them better haha.

Get ready for uni. i’m really excited about going to uni in the fall! i’m going to study European Languages & Cultures at a university which is 3 hours of travelling from my home, so that means i’m going to have to move out. This summer i’ll have to go look for a room that i can move into, go furniture shopping and decorate my new place. There still so much to do but i’m overall really excited about meeting new people and finally getting the chance to study subjects that i’m actually interested in, rather than the boring subjects i have to study for right now as i’m getting ready for my final exams.

Travel through eastern Europe. My friends and i made plans to visit a few cities in Europe during our summer break. The places we plan on visiting are Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, München and Cracow. We will be travelling with the train for two weeks to see these wonderful cities.

Put my phone away for a few days. i think it’s a good thing to spend some time alone even now and then. it’s important to make memories that only you know about in order to learn not to be dependent on other people and create your own happiness. i feel like nowadays phones are keeping us so busy with checking out what everyone else is doing, that sometimes we forget to live in the moment.

Go to festivals. i have already made plans to go to one festival but i actually want to visit a ton more! The festival i’ll be going to at the end of this month is called The Flying Dutch, and i’m really looking forward to it. i just haven’t bought the perfect festival outfit yet, but i’m sure i’ll get around to do that soon.

Make a different smoothie every day. i love fruits and vegetables, but i feel like i’m not always eating as much of them as i should. So by making a different smoothie every day, i’ll take in some extra vitamins and i really enjoy making them as well! i’ll be posting my favourite recipes on this blog later.

Read a lot of books. it’s been such a long time since i’ve visited a library, but i always feel twice as happy after i’ve done so. i plan on reading a ton of books this summer, just relaxing in the garden and enjoying the sun.

Keep this blog. i’m not sure if anyone would be interested in reading all of this, but i think this is a really fun way to write down everything i did this summer so that i can read it back later!


Stop And Smell The Flowers

watering the flowers in my grandmother’s little backyard. dancing up on the table and for once in my life not giving a damn about what other people think. soaking up the sun in pretty hyde park. laughing out loud. eating ice cream in the car on a stormy day. actually feeling pretty while wearing my long blue skirt and black crop top. crying in the shower and desperately trying not to make any noise so that no one would find out. jumping into the sea and accidentally swallowing the salt water. lighting a candle as a way to say goodbye. going for a run in the middle of nowhere. sitting in the rain. making my way through the crowd of people with numb legs and a spinning heart. getting endlessly excited when hearing the sound of his voice so close to me. lying down in the grass.

– things i did this summer that made me feel alive

Writing lists like the one above has taught me to appreciate things in my everyday life more. I feel like making lists can help you to remember things you’ve done on the one hand, whilst on the other hand it can put your focus at the future and remind you of the things you still want to achieve. I’m really excited about making a Bucketlist and to write down all the places I want to visit, all the things I want to do and everything I hope to achieve in life. Hopefully I’ll be able to score out some things this year! I plan on posting my complete Bucketlist on this blog soon and to keep you updated on things I’ve accomplished.